Welcome To Shule Information System

We are proud to introduce Shule I.S which will help improve the ability of the staff to operate as fast and efficient as possible. We try to take care of things that are taking up your precious time so that you may focus on your main objectives.


Why Shule Information System

It’s through this unique perception we understand that for a prominent school in Tanzania, a unique solution to its challenges had to be fashioned in order for it to resonate with the way the school operates and conducts its business affairs. To you, we give "SHULE INFORMATION SYSTEM | Shule I.S".

Shule I.S is a fully customized solution so as to fit your unique need of day to day operations. We know each school is at a different stage or level in it's growth, we made sure to avoid a one-size-fits-all solution.

Shule Information System

Shule I.S is developed to significantly reduce time & costs of having several systems in School.


Class Management Module

In this section, you will be able to create a class and add its own unique features such as fees for said class.

Student Billing Module

We know a proper management of your finances is important for the progress of your school. We give you a fully billing module.

Results Management Module

For each student, you will get the results of every semester and a summary of the progress they have against the school average

Staff Management Module

We make it easy for you to manage all your staff and have all their basic info at your figure tips.

Why Shule Information System

We believe Shule I.S possess the capability to solve the problem at hand and give your school the edge to become better at serving its clientele and executing its business objectives and thus creating a prosperous environment for all stakeholders (partners, employees and students).


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